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July 05, 2019
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Dental implants are nothing short of miraculous. Placed by Dr. Farrel Gerber, your dentist at Gerber Dental Care in North Huntington, PA,Dental Implant implants are artificial tooth replacements that not only restore the crown of your lost tooth, but the roots as well. If you have unresolved tooth loss or an upcoming extraction, read to learn more about these exceptional prosthetics.


What does a dental implant look like?

Most dental implants resemble the shape of cylinders or screws. Fashioned from titanium (a biocompatible metal), implants reside in the jaw bone just as natural tooth roots do. After surgical insertion and healing, dental implants naturally fuse with the alveolar ridge during a process called "osseointegration," a development that creates an incredibly strong and stable bond. After full osseointegration, Dr. Gerber completes the single-tooth implant with a metal alloy extension and customized porcelain crown.


Who can get dental implants?

Many teens and adults can, although they must be in good overall health, have a stable immune system, and possess adequate jawbone structure. To qualify patients for treatment, Dr. Gerber consults with each candidate to examine their remaining teeth and gums, discuss medical/medication history, and perform imaging tests.


From start to finish, how long will it take to get my dental implant?

In all, from evaluation to completion, dental implant treatments take up to several months to complete (after all, healing and osseointegration cannot be rushed). However, once you have your finished implant in place, you'll be so glad you waited.


If I need more than one tooth replaced, can dental implants help me?

Yes, they can. In fact, Dr. Gerber can use two or more implants to anchor a full or partial denture or a smaller bridge.


How successful are dental implants?

According to the Institute for Dental Implant Awarenessenta, dental implants feature a very high success rate of over 95 percent. Anticipate good healing if you refrain from smoking and follow your dentist's care instructions of flossing once a day, brushing once a day, and regularly attending twice-yearly cleanings at our North Huntington office. With proper care, you can have your new teeth for the rest of your life!


Do you have more questions?

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