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By Gerber Dental Care
July 31, 2018
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There are advantages of having all of your family’s dental needs addressed at the same dentist office now and into the distant future. family dentistWhenever there’s a problem, whether it is a dental emergency or a cavity that needs to be filled, you only need to make one call. At Gerber Dental Care, a family dentistry office in North Huntingdon, PA, children and adults will receive wide-ranging, high-quality care from one skilled dentist. 

Why Family Dental Care Is Important
Lack of consistent professional dental care is one of the reasons why many children and adults have tooth decay and tooth loss. Having a dentist who serves the whole family increases the chance that you'll keep up with your yearly checkups and immediately seek help when there’s a dental concern. Children should start to see the same family dentist as early in life as possible. When they get used to seeing the same familiar face for regular cleanings and cavity fillings, they will be less anxious about getting those important dental treatments in the future.

Benefits of One Dentist
Having one family dentist is like having a trusted primary care provider for your teeth. This dentist is the point person for all of your dental care needs. Whenever you have an emergency concerning your oral health, this is the person that you call. All of your family’s dental records will be compiled and recorded at the same family dentistry in North Huntingdon for years. Your dentist will have the best understanding of your dental concerns and suggest preventive treatments to keep your mouth healthy.

Treatments to Discuss at Your Appointment
Each of your family members, from the youngest to the most senior, have unique dental needs. These are some of the most common treatments that families need:

- Protective and preventive treatments, like sealants for young children, cleanings, and regular X-rays.
- Restorative procedures for tooth damage or loss (crowns and dental implants).
- Cosmetic options for rejuvenating the appearance of the teeth (veneers and professional whitening).
- Periodontal therapy for gum disease (more common in older adults).

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Get familiar with Dr. Farrel Gerber at Gerber Dental Care, a family dentistry office serving the North Huntingdon, PA, area. Call (724) 864-7900 today to make an appointment for you and all of your loved ones.

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