At Gerber Dental Care, we provide comfortable, gentle hygiene cleanings, specifically to detect and prevent gum disease.

Important Reasons to Get Professional Cleanings

  • to detect possible health risks such as oral cancer and gum disease
  • to prevent tooth loss
  • to maintain good physical health
  • to eliminate bad breath
  • to have a brighter, whiter smile

After the hygienist has completed her gentle and professional cleaning, Dr. Gerber will complete your visit with a comprehensive oral examination.

  • We provide a thorough oral cancer screening.
  • A series of diagnostic x-rays will be taken so we can analyze the condition of your teeth and bone structure.
  • We conduct a complete periodontal screening to check for symptoms and evidence of gum disease.
  • We check for any possible bite problems or jaw issues.
  • A tooth-specific exam is also provided to all of your teeth to check for cavities, examine the condition of other dental work, and identify cracked or missing teeth.

Your smile should last a lifetime! Let us help you keep your smile healthy and looking its best. Call today for a comfortable cleaning and an oral exam at Gerber Dental Care. 724-864-7900!

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